TheBrandWich $1500 Scholarship for Students

TheBrandWich Scholarship
Sleep is a major part of our life and so is education. If you are a student and have a heart for writing we present you with the opportunity to utilize your skills and benefit yourself. We are passionate about helping our society and returning it with the best.

The Aim Of The Scholarship

We at ( ) brings you the scholarship opportunity to decrease the burden of education cost on your shoulders. We intend to motivate you to study with more focus and use your skills to perfection.

This scholarship is considered to be used during the education period 2018 – 2019.

Here is what will take your experience to another level and will benefit you with a future portfolio.

  • Awarding Amount – $1500
  • No gender restriction – we open our gates for males and females both
  • Non-Renewable – we will bring you a new opportunity every year

Who Can Apply?

The applicant needs to meet following requirements

  • Currently enrolled as a high school or a college student
  • If you have studied privately you can apply but the qualification should be equivalent
  • The educational institute should be officially registered
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 at the time of signing up for the application

How To Apply?

1. The application procedure is very easy and simple. You need to submit an article based on 700-1500 words, which should include following points

  • Importance of a good sleep for a healthy life.
  • How to Improve sleep cycle?
  • Factors that influence one’s sleep cycle?
  • Knowledge about the mattress. Which mattresses are ranked in top 5?
  • Your analysis of the best mattress after an online research on the best product.

2. The article should be a PDF file. Following details about the applicant should be present

  • Personal details including Name, Age, Gender, Email, Number and Address
  • Area – Country, State
  • Name of School/College/University
  • Student identity

Applicant should feel free to attach any media file with the article. It can be a creative poster or a video providing information. Attach a video won’t make you get the application since it’s not a compulsion, the center of attention is the article. Pictures and videos that will be used should be authentic and should show a realistic picture. Use authentic statics and figures in your context to build up a strong and impressive PDF file.

3. Attach and email us all relevant information at ( [email protected] )

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How will be the winner selected?

Winner will be selected on the basis of creativity and quality of their work.

2. What is the deadline for submitting an application?

The deadline for submission is 25 October 2018

3. When will be the winner announced?

The lucky winner will be announced after 4 months that makes 25 November 2018.

4. For how long is the scholarship fun available?

The scholarship fund is intended to be available for the year 2018 – 2019.

5. How many scholarships are available?

Only one scholarship is available

6. What is the total winning amount?

The awarding amount is $1500

7. Is the scholarship renewable?

No, the scholarship is only applicable for one semester. We will be having new scholarship plans every year. You may keep on trying your luck each time the scholarship is there.

8. How will we receive the scholarship money?

The amount would be transferred to your bank account or you have a choice to transfer directly into your college account.

9. How will be the results available to us?

The result will be published on our website and will be available to the public at large.

10. How will be the winner notified?

The winner’s name will be published on our website. An email will be sent on the provided email address and a letter will be sent to the address. It will be made sure that the result is communicated.

TO BE NOTED – About Your Submitted Content

As soon as you submit us the article, it becomes our property and we get an implied permission to use it for promotion or as website content. It does not belong to you anymore.