14 Best Futons & Sofa Beds – Buyer’s Guide

Unlike other mattresses, there is a special type of mattress that was established in Japan named futon. This mattress can be used both as bed and sofa. In this article, we are going to tell you about what basically is a futon. What are its different types and how they are different from one another? Moreover, why should you prefer buying the futon pad?

What are the basic benefits you will get after buying these mattresses? Similarly discussed the things to consider while buying it like construction, durability, off-gassing etc. Most importantly we reviewed 14 best mattresses and analyzed their different features. Thus compared features and also discussed their pros and cons.

Lastly recommended you some best mattresses based on our experience. Read on to learn different things and their dynamics.

14 Best Futon Mattresses

1. Westfield Complete  Set5 years warranty4.8
Check Price
2. Mozaic 10-InchMicrofiber cover3.2
Check Price
3. Stratus Springs Soy Foam5 years warranty4.2
Check Price
4. Premier Pocket Coil 10-Inch3 years warranty4.9
Check Price
5. Serta CypressMultiple layers3.9
Check Price
6. Mainstay* Memory FoamSuede cover4.7
Check Price
7. Home Life 8-InchMicrofiber cover4.2
Check Price
8. Extra Thick Premium 10-InchTufted twill cover3.9
Check Price
9. EMOORGood thickness4.4
Check Price
10. DHP Emily  Couch Bed1 year warranty4.0Check Price

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Benefits To Have Most Comfortable Futon

There are multiple reasons for buying the futons like the Dual use of these mattresses can be folded and serve as sofa and bed too. This gives an advantage to the customer. As people place it in their room in morning for sitting purpose use it at night as a bed or for sleeping purposes. The futon act as a bed. This factor gives an advantage to the person buying it. As it is getting a two in one thing.

Less space is required as the mattress can be easily folded this gives an advantage of saving the space of the room. This thing is very beneficial for the people who live in small spaces. Where furniture takes most of their place so having these mattresses can be easily folded and use as a sofa.

walmart futonThe price is very less as compared to the traditional mattress and sofa too. As it can use for both purposes. This proves that this mattress is very cost effective. Because the price of a sofa and a mattress are much more as compared to the futon. So buying it is a better option because it can serve your both purposes.

But there are some models that are also expensive based on the luxury as the type of design they have.

A futon is a Japanese’s tradition. The culture of Japan is very simple. The mattress is very easy to assemble and can be easily attached. Whereas the structure of these mattresses is either constructed from wood or metal. And it’s easy to operate.

These mattresses consist of three things covers, mattress, and the frame. So changing the look of the mattress is very easy. As you can buy separate covers mattress and frames. These things can be adjusted accordingly to the look of the room. So a variety of mattress also adds value to it. The variety of designs available in these mattresses provides an edge to its customer.

futons for saleBug resistance is enclosed in the cover which is then again enclosed in another cover. The double covering of the mattress does not allow the bugs to enter in the mattress. As bugs affect the life as well as the quality of the mattress. They are bugs free so it is not an issue in these mattresses.

No bouncing on these mattresses as the structure is like that it does not support any bounce. The bouncing on these mattresses is the great enjoyment for children. But for parents, it is a serious issue as children bounce and hurt themselves sometimes the children got hurt very severely. These things lead to big injuries. So it releases the tension for parents and it is a secure option for them.

Natural material used makes the mattress safe as the natural material is environment-friendly as well as. So these mattresses are good for health as the off-gassing is less in these mattresses as compared to the traditional mattresses.

Easy to carry. A futon can be folded, unlike the traditional mattress. And some can be even rolled so these things make these mattresses as a good option for the travelers and people who shift frequently.

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Things You Must Note While Buying Futons 

futon cover

cheap futonsIt consists of three things. These things are cover, mattress, and the frame. Firstly coming on the cover the cover are made from different material some are synthetic while others are natural. The cover is the important part because it is the part of the mattress that is directly in contact with the body. So if the cover is not good the comfort of mattress will also lack.

Moreover coming on the mattress the thickness of the mattress should be 6 to 8 inches. And the thickness also depends on the type of mattress you have and the frame you are going to use for the bed wooden or steel. The wooden frames prefer thicker mattress.

A futon is of different types as discussed in this article earlier. Each has its unique selling point. So choose the mattress according to your need. The types are hybrid, spring, innerspring and foam futon.

Lastly, the frames are of two types wooden and metal. The wooden frame has more durability and less design and these types of mattress will last more. Whereas metal frames are more defined and have less quality. So choose the frame of the mattress according to your need.


full size futonFirmness is one of the most important things to consider while buying. How hard or soft the mattress is usually told by the firmness of the mattress. The firmness of mattress starts from ultra-soft to firm. This different variety of firmness is recommended for the sleepers of different types. As some are suffering from body problems like back issues while others have a specific style of sleeping. Each style of sleeping is recommended for different types of firmness.

First, check your sleeping style and then select the mattress with a required firmness that matches your style. As the medium firm futon is considered good for people who are suffering from back problems. Similarly, the people who sleep on the back are also recommended for this firmness.

Moreover, a firm mattress is recommended for the people who change position as during the sleep and move a lot. The people who sleep on their stomach are recommended the soft firmness futon mattress.


futon walmartThe durability depends on the material used in mattresses. Different mattresses are made from different material. The durability depends on the type and quality of material used. As the mattresses are made with cotton will last less as compared to foam. Moreover, the foam used can be used to tell the durability. If the foam used in denser the mattress will last more.

As more the density the more will be the life of the mattress. Moreover, in spring mattresses the quality of coils are used to tell the durability of the mattress. Like good quality coils will last more and will not sag. So the durability of that mattress is also more.

The warranty also tells about the durability of the mattress. The warranty assures how much the mattress will last. So it gives a great idea to the customer about the life of the mattress.

Motion Isolation

No one wants there sleep is disturbed by the movement of their partner. As some mattress spread this movement to another person sleeping area that creates a problem. To avoid this use of the mattress that has the motion isolation option. As comfortable sleep is the demand of the customer. So the mattress with good motion isolation will isolate the movement to its source. So due to this, the fact of the movement is minimized to its least.

The type of mattress tells the degree of motion isolation the mattress has .if the mattress is spring the balanced structure and coils absorb the motion so well. That the movement of partner is not felt by the other partner, in case of foam mattress motion isolation is not so good as this mattress sag little more. Due to this the movement is not absorbed in the surface of these mattresses.


futon ikeaComfort is a most key factor that can make and break decision. A futon mattress is used for sitting as well as sleeping. So you must select the mattress that is comfortable in sitting as well and sleeping type of mattress that provides the firm support to the body while sitting on it as well in sleeping too.

The comfort is the thing that must be present in both states of mattress should provide good edge support so that the mattress is comfortable while sitting on it. And the person sitting on it does not sink in it. Choose a mattress that is not either lumpy. Like made from a type of material that just proves to be comfortable just during the siting.

While lacks in support while sleeping on it. Moreover, the mattress should not be too firm. That will be unconformable during the sleep. But while sitting on it the person might feel unconformable. So choose the type of mattress that is in between the lumpy and firm mattress.

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Number of Folds

As the mattress can be used for the dual purpose of a bed and a sofa too. So for this, it has to fold. The folds vary from mattress to mattress but there are basically two type bi-folds which can be folded in two pieces and tri-fold can be folded into three pieces. So chose the mattress with a number of folds you need. This totally depends on your choice. So select the type of futon sensibly that suits you


Off-gassing is a serious concern. Because off-gassing often leads to the odor issue in the mattresses. The off-gassing is whereas depends on the material used in the mattress. If it consists of material that is eco-friendly that you are safe from off-gassing. But if the material used in the mattress is not eco-friendly so the gases will be released from that mattress.

Off-gassing is generally very common these mattresses but with infusing of green tea and other things in the foam. This issue is resolved. Whereas in spring and hybrid mattress the material used doesn’t release gases so off-gassing is not an issue in that mattresses.


As the life of these mattresses is less as compared to a traditional mattress. These mattresses are used for dual purpose. So choose the mattress with maximum warranty as in case of the sinking of mattress you can claim your refund or replacement.

Moreover, the good warranty also assures that the mattress is of good quality. So choose the mattress that has the maximum warranty in your price range.

Futon Mattresses Reviews 

twin futon

1. Mozaic 10-Inch Cotton Gel Pocket Coil 

queen futon This mattress is made basically form gel foam. The mattress consists of both gel foam layer and a polyester layer. This mattress is a hybrid mattress. And consist of a good fabric cover on the top referred to as microfiber cover. The firmness of the mattress is ideal for the side sleepers as the mattress is firm. The infusion of gel foam at the top provides the pressure releasing support to the body.

Moreover, since it contains polyester and gel foam both these materials are very durable. So this mattress is also very durable and lasts more than an innerspring mattress.

The motion isolation, not that much as compared to other mattresses as the gel layer not that good in absorbing the motion. The mattress is good for couples and people who sleep on their side. And require proper support for the body.

  • Good firmness
  • Durable
  • Lack of motion isolation

2. Premier Pocket Coil 10-Inch Twin XL Mattress

cheap futon The primer pocket coil is basically an innerspring mattress. It is made from multiple materials as it consists of pocket coils which are enclosed in the foam and the poly foam. This help in providing the best support to the body.

Moreover coming on the cover that is made from natural tufted twill that provides the comforting support to the body. Moreover, it is an innerspring mattress so its little firm. The medium firm of this mattress is best for people who sleep on their back. Premier Pocket Coil comes with a 3 years warranty that makes this product worth buying. As the mattress has less life as compared to simple mattresses. So three-year warranty for an innerspring mattress is pretty good.

Now coming on the warranty these mattresses usually come with a warranty. In case of any defect, the company takes the claim. And provides the assistance to the customer .As the structure of this mattress is well balanced so motion isolation is present in these mattresses. As the movement made on this mattress is isolated from its source. Providing the sleeper comforting support.

These mattresses are recommended mostly for couples and old age people because of the firm support and the motion isolation feature.

  • Multiple layers
  • 3 years warranty
  • Less durable

3. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Full Mattress, Black, Made in the USA

queen size futonThis mattress is made from three heavyweight layers of cotton. That help in providing the firm support to the body. Serta Cypress is basically an innerspring mattress .the structure of this mattress is very well constructed and it made form Bonnel coils.

Moreover, between the cover and the coils, it has additional foam pieces that provide the comforting support to the body. As it consists of many layers and coils. The mattress is overall firm and provides the body a comforting support. This type of firmness is suitable for the people who change their position during the sleep and move a lot during the sleep.

The mattress durability is less it is made from cotton that does not last more as compared to foam. So the durability is less. Moreover, motion isolation is good because of the solid structure and the material used in this mattress absorb the movement.

The downside of that mattress is that Serta Cypress is very heavy as it is not easy to carry. In addition to this folding, this mattress is also very difficult because of the multiple layers. Lastly, this mattress is recommended for children and couple but not for people who are suffering from back issues.

  • Firm structure
  • Durable
  • Weight

4. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Mattress Classe, Japanese Full-Short Size

ikea futon This mattress is a traditional Japanese style mattress. It is made from both polyester and cotton. And the thickness of the mattress is around 3 inches. The mixture of two material makes this mattress a hybrid mattress. The mattress is quite firm as in Japan that put the mattress on the floor rather than on or frame.

Because of this, the mattress is firm and the firmness is ideal for people who sleep on back and have spine issues. The firm support of the mattress aligns the body perfectly. The materials used in this mattress are of good quality that assures that the mattress is quite durable. But the life is less as compared to foam mattress because foam lasts more than the cotton and polyester.

The motion isolation is decent but the polyester cotton does not absorb motion quite well as compared to coils. The mattress is recommended for old age people and people who have back issues so that the firm support of this mattress provides them the ideal sleep.

  • Thickness
  • Good firmness
  • Less lif

5. Home Life 8-Inch Independently-Pocket Coil Premium  Mattress Full Size – Black

full futon The home life mattress is made from pocked coils and other materials like polyester and foam. This mattress consists of a pocked coil that is cover with the layer of foam. This provides the ultimate support to the body. Moreover, the cover of this mattress is made from microfiber material.

The size of the mattress is easily suitable for all frames. It used for both purpose sofa and as a bed. The mattress is recommended best for sofa use too. Moreover, the firmness of this mattress is not quite firm. It is more on the soft side.

This type of firmness is for the people who sleep on their back. As foam is used in this mattress along with coils this increases the durability of this mattress. The high-quality foam increases the durability.

The motion isolation is also present as the coils absorb the motion to its source in this mattress. The negative aspect of this mattress as the mattress is quite thick so folding this mattress is quite an issue. As the mattress should be folded for sofa use. Home life is suitable for children who tend to sleep on their stomach. So the soft feel provides the comforting support.

  • Durable
  • Soft support
  • Thickness

6. Extra Thick Premium 10-Inch Loveseat Mattress, Khaki Twill

memory foam futonLoveseat is made from foam and poly cotton. Thus the layers of these materials. Whereas the cover is made from tufted twill that protects the filing inside the mattress.

The mattress is a soft firm which is ideal for the people who sleep on their stop. The mattress is very durable since it is a foam mattress. And it consists of poly cotton too both the materials are quite durable so they will last more.

The mattress comes with a 3-year warranty. Which is quite good in case of this type of mattress. As the mattress average life also near to this. The motion isolation is also good but not better than an innerspring mattress. These mattresses are recommended for children and teenagers.

  • 3 years warranty
  • Good support
  • Poor motion isolation

7: DHP Emily Couch Bed

This mattress is composed of pocketed coils, polyester, and foam. The mixture of these things makes it an innerspring mattress. The base layer is made from foam and then comes the coils that are also enclosed in the foam. After that comfort layer of polyester comes. The cover is made from microfiber material.

The firmness of this mattress is soft and medium which is ideal for side sleeper and back sleepers. Moreover, the thickness of the mattress also provides the ideal support to the body. As this is a type of hybrid mattress so the durability of this mattress is less as compared to the foam mattress.

This thing is also shown in the warranty of the mattress as it comes with only one year warranty. In which company claims the defect. After that it’s your own responsibility this is a downside. Whereas in motion isolation the mattress is very good the coil absorbs the motion by well.

And the mattress is recommended for couples and people who have back problem.

  • Thickness
  • Good motion isolation
  • Less warranty

8: Mainstay* Memory Foam Futon, Black PU (Black PU)

The mainstay is a memory foam mattress. It consists of the memory foam layer and a layer of recycled foam. This makes this mattress an eco-friendly product too. Above this is the cover of the mattress. That is made from suede. The suede cover gives the elegant look to the mattress.

The mattress provides the firm support to the body and pressure releasing comfort to the sleeper. Moreover its firm so it is a good option for people who change position during the sleep.

The mattress is durable as the high-density foam is used. It is more durable than innerspring and hybrid mattresses. But lack a little in edge support because the structure is not uniform like spring mattress.

The motion isolation is very good as the mattress provides good support and also the foam used in it absorbs the motion. Mainstay is suitable for couples and teenagers as the firmness and structure of this mattress is ideal.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Poor edge support

9: The Shop Stratus Springs Soy Foam and Cotton Soft Mattress Twin XL

The mattress are made for multiple things like springs, foam, and cotton. This makes it a hybrid mattress.T he spring used in this mattress is Bonnel springs. The layer below the cover is made from cotton that provides a good support. After that are spring coils which are enclosed in the foam.

The firmness of this mattress is good and provides the body ideal support which is required for sleep. Since it has operated firmness ideal for people who sleep On their back. Moreover, the motion is present in this mattress.

The composed structure of the mattress allows the movement to be isolated from its source. Coming on to the durable of this mattress generally, these mattresses last 2-5 years depends on the usage and the type of usage. As being hybrid mattress this durability is decent as hybrid mattresses have less life.

Lastly, these mattresses are ideal for old age people and people who have back issues as this mattress provides the right amount of support.

  • Multiple layers
  • Less durable

10: Westfield Complete Futon Set 

The mattress is 8 inches thick and consist of a cover and layer. The mattress is made from memory foam and the cover is made from twill. The mattress firmness is medium as it is suggested for people who sleep on their back. Also, the people who have any type of back problem.

Moreover, the mattress is durable as the foam used in these mattresses is of high density. It comes with a 5-year of warranty.

Moreover, generally, foam mattress last more than other types of mattresses. The motion isolation is also good the movement made on the mattress is absorbed by the memory foam layer on the top. This mattress is recommended for old age people as they usually want a firm support.

  • Thickness
  • Good motion isolation
  • Off-gassing

11: J-Life Japanese Traditional Shiki

J-Life is traditional Japanese and it is 4 inches thick and consists of cotton. The density and the quality of the cotton used in this mattress are very good. So this mattress is very durable. As the durability is linked with quality of the material used.

Moreover, the cover is made from synthetic fiber under which are layers of cotton. The firmness of these mattresses is soft from as the cotton provides the soft comfort to the body. This type of firmness is recommended for the people who sleep on their stomach and in unusual patterns.

J-Life is durable as the quality of cotton used is good that assures its durability. It also comes with a 5-year warranty that the mattress is durable. These mattresses are recommended for children and the old age people as the soft feel provides them the ultimate comfort.

  • Thickness
  • 5 years warranty
  • Lack of firm support

12- College Cozy Sofa – Mini – Navy

The unique thing about College Cozy is its different shape and cuts. It consists of the armrest for sofa use. The mattress consists of the top layer of plush which provides the ultimate comfort to the person sitting or sleeping on it. Moreover, it consists of a microfiber cover which is also very soft.

In addition, College Cozy is consists of other layers as well. These mattresses are best for metal frame beds. And the firmness of these mattresses are medium firm .which is good for the people who prefer to sleep on their back.

The durability of the mattress is moderate. The motion isolation is good and the movement is absorbed on the layer of the mattress.

These mattresses are especially recommended for teenagers and children. And often suggested for their gaming and watching movies purposes.

  • Additional support
  • Multiple layers
  • Not durable

13 – DHP Silver Screen Twin-Over- Metal Bunk Bed with Ladder – Silver/Black

organic mattressDHP Silver is basically used for a bunk bed. The mattress is ideal for metal frame bed. It consists of a black cover made from synthetic material. And the layers are made from foam. The size of DHP Silver is more than another mattress. As it acts as a sofa in bunk bed too.

Moreover, DHP Silver is very durable as it is made from foam high-quality foam. The motion isolation is not so good as foam mattress don’t have a balanced structure so the movement is not isolated easily.

This mattress is recommended for old age people and teenager but not for the couple as motion isolation is not so good.

  • Durable
  • Lack of motion isolation

14 – DHP Hamilton Estate Premium Sofa Sleeper

 target mattressDHP Hamilton Estate comes with a wooden frame mattress. This mattress has the traditional design with the modern features. The plush surface of DHP Hamilton Estate provides the comforting experience to the body. The firmness of this mattress is very soft. As it consists of a plush layer.

This provides the comforting sleep to the body. This type of mattress is recommended for the people who sleep on their stomach moreover the durability of this mattress is related to the density of the material used in it.

The motion isolation is not as good as the plush layer is very soft and does not isolate the movement to its source. This type of mattress is best suitable for old age people as they need soft firmness and for people who sleep on the stomach.

  • Soft layer
  • Comforting firmness
  • Bad motion isolation

What is a futon?

mattress for sale
Firstly coming on the word futon. Futon means a bed in Japanese so it referred to as bed that consist of three things the mattress, the comforter, and the pillow. The main difference of it with other mattress is that it is a sofa that doubles into a guest bed too. Moreover, it is made from a compressed material such as cotton, wool, and latex.

The usual life of a mattress is 8 to 15 years. Through the passage, it is changed as some are made of spring cores. Moreover, the futon is referred to as a substitute for bed and couch. But it is often referred to as alternative of traditional furniture.

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Types Of Futon 

kingsize mattress1. Foam 

walmart Foam mattress is made from memory foam and may consist of multiple layers. Other than memory foam can be used in this mattress. The life of the foam mattress is more as compared to the innerspring mattress. These mattresses provide the ideal support to the body and are best for every sleeping position.

The off-gassing is an issue in these mattresses as the material used in it releases gases but if the natural material is used or another material is infused in it. The off-gassing is controlled then.

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2. Spring 

These mattresses are well structured and balanced. The open structure of these helps in maintaining the body temperature. Moreover, the springs in the mattress are covered with foam to provide the comforting feel to the body. The life of these mattresses is more than the innerspring mattress but still less than the foam mattresses.

As the mattress consists of spring the folding is also a problem with these mattresses. But the firm support is the plus point of these mattresses. These mattresses have an issue and are not easy to carry.

3. Wool Filled 

These mattresses are very soft and due to this. These mattresses are easy to fold. Moreover, these mattresses are very rare to find. The temperature of these mattresses is more as the wool in it keeps the body warmer. So maybe you may face the problem of sleeping hot in this mattress. The life of these mattresses is less than cotton mattresses

4. Cotton 

These mattresses are made from cotton and are considered to be the most cost-effective mattresses. These mattresses are very lightweight and easy to carry. As the material is flexible so these mattresses are easy to fold as compared to other mattresses.

These mattresses lack on firmness as their firmness is less as compared to spring and foam mattress. These mattresses also lack on quality as cotton is not as durable as foam and spring. So the life of these mattresses is less than foam and spring mattress.

5. Foam & Polyester 

The mixture of these two material foam and polyester makes a brilliant futon mattress. These mattresses are the type of hybrid mattress. These mattresses are medium firm that is good for slide sleepers. In these mattresses, polyester is used in the top layer and then the foam layer is used as a base to provide the firm support to the body.

The life of these mattresses is pretty well more than the innerspring mattress and less than a foam mattress. The life of these mattress depends on the density of the material used in this material the more the density the more is the life of the mattress.

6. Foam/Cotton Hybrid 

These mattresses are made from both cotton and foam mattress. The life of this mattress is more than traditional cotton mattresses. The mixture of cotton and foam provides the ultimate comfort to the body. On the other hand, they are not as firm as a foam mattress. And are expensive as compared to a cotton mattress that is usually the cheapest futon.

7. Innerspring 

The innerspring coil mattress is made from the coil. The structure of these mattresses is well-balanced. But the life of these mattresses is less as compared to foam mattresses. But these mattresses provide firm support to the body. The coils in these mattresses are covered with foam and cotton that help in providing the comforting sleep.

The open structure of these mattresses also helps in maintaining the body temperature during the sleep. The downside of these mattresses is difficult to fold and maintain.


In this article we have guided you in a way that you can choose the best mattress for yourself. After all the information provided above, I would like to recommend you some mattresses.

Firstly Premier Pocket Coil Mattress is an inner mattress with good construction and 3 years warranty. The price of this mattress is $332. Secondly, Loveseat Mattress is one of the best mattresses with a decent price. It comes with 3 years warranty and its price is $ 199. Moreover, The Futon Shop Stratus mattress is a spring mattress and comes with an excellent warranty of 5 years.

Lastly is the Mainstay mattress although it is expensive but it is very durable and comes with a 5-year warranty. Its price is $574.I hope this article will help you in buying the right mattress. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or comment on this post.

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