Flagyl – Uses, Side Effects, Storage

Flagyl - Uses, Side Effects, Storage

What Is Flagyl?

Flagyl is a metronidazole. Moreover, it is an antibiotic and antiprotozoal.

What Are The Uses Of Flagyl?

What Are The Uses Of Flagyl?
This antibiotic is used to treat categorized types of infections. It shows best results by working on bacteria and parasites and acts as a barrier in their growth. Flagyl is not a good option to treat viral infections such as cold, flu and fever. If used this can cause future infections.

Flagyl is primarily used to treat stomach infections and intestinal ulcers which can be caused by Bactria, overeating, disturbed eating pattern and consumption of food that one is allergic. Reasons for the infection may differ for everyone.

How To Consume Flagyl?

How To Consume Flagyl?
Consult your doctor before consuming Flagyl. Never consume any medicine without your doctor’s consultation. Flagyl is to be taken directly by mouth, not by dissolving in water. Flagyl is available in the form of injections and drips but they are used in the worst cases. The tablet is advised to be taken in the middle of food or with a glass full of water or milk.

The dosage will depend on the seriousness of the infection, medical condition of the patient and how does the patient’s body respond to the medicine. Don’t consume more than what is prescribed by your doctor but do take it till the prescribed time. Overdosage of Flagyl can cause breathing issues. Don’t stop even if you feel fine, it may be a temporary cure of the sickness but the remains of bacteria may be still in your body and they can be active anytime.

In case if you have missed one of the dosages, just take it whenever you remember but make sure that it’s not the time of your next dosage. If it then skips the missed one but does not double the dosage. Doubling the dosage can be harmful to your health and internal system.

Consult your doctor again if the infection is still there. Don’t consume the medicine on your own. Even if you have the same symptoms do not opt for it without a doctor’s approval.

What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Flagyl?

How To Consume Flagyl?
Flagyl can cause a headache, nausea, vomiting and loose of appetite. Since it is an antibiotic and is to be taken till the course end it can result in a metallic taste in your mouth and disturbed taste buds.

Taking Flagyl can end up in a color change in urine. This can cause urine to turn dark. This change is not to be worried upon, this is temporary and will go away when the medication intake is stopped.

These are the possible side effects one could face but since every human has his own internal system it may differ can be worse than the listed ones. At times there are no side effects.

There are side effects of all the medicines that we consume. Don’t worry about the side effects and consume it freely because Flagyl is prescribed by your doctor after proper examination and the doctor himself is an expert so there is no space to be doubtful.

How To Store Flagyl?

How To Store Flagyl
The storage is prescribed on the medicine box which states store at room temperature away from light and moisture.

Do not store in the bathroom. Place it in your first aid box and if you don’t have one, step ahead and get yourself one because it is a lifesaver. Keep it out of the range of children and pet. If the medicine is near its expiry date try not to consume it and if it has crossed the expiry date just throw it away but do not consume it. Discard it by releasing the tablets out of the packing so that no one uses it.

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