16 Crib Mattresses | Non-toxic + All-Natural Buyer’s Guide

It is a struggling time for newborn parents to complete their sleeping cycle. A beautiful place can become hell if a baby is discomfort whole night. Babies are discomfort due to the following reasons.

  • Hunger
  • Change of diaper
  • Tiredness

One of the most important things in the healthy development of your child is a good sleep. In order to tackle tiredness, we need special objects for babies

“Choosing a comfort object for a baby is one of the sweetest, most tender and meaningful items anyone buys for”

What To Look In a Crib Mattress?

The most important thing while searching for a mattress is to consider baby’s safety first. For baby’s safety, proper bedding is important.
Proper bedding system will allow your baby to sleep well and provide necessary support for their spine and necks. A baby is never ever laid on an adult mattress because it is very delicate.

For the protection of delicacy of the baby, a firm mattress is suggested. For the betterment of a toddler, it is advised to do homework in search of a top class crib mattress. If you are a parent, looking for a perfect mattress, the following are the tips which you can consider while buying it.

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16 Best Crib Mattresses Reviews

1. Naturepedic No-Compromise

Naturepedic No-Compromise Naturepedic is constructed with three inches of organic latex over the pocketed coil innerspring. This latex is based on All-Natural American Eco-wool GOLS certified organic and natural Dunlop. The Latex is made from Hypoallergenic and natural materials.

These latex sandwiches’ the 3-Zone Pocketed coil Spring system. It is 15.5 gauge coils at the head and foot, while 14.5 gauge, nested coils across the center third of the mattress for lumbar support. The mattress is covered with a soft and GOTS certified organic quilted cover with Oeko-Tex certified natural wool sewn in underneath.

Naturepedic provides firmness with additional softness and support for anyone who is looking for a supportive mattress with a top feel. The firmness level of this product is 6.5(+/-) 1=softest 10= firmest

The Pocketed Coil Spring System is arranged in a way that heavy 13.5 gauge perimeter coils for a firmer seating edge. This is excellent for firmness of the mattress. The No-Compromise gives top quality support for the baby and toddler. The two-stage dual firmness gives the baby a firm side for proper sleeping and development while the toddler side has a slighter less firmness with some pillow.

100% organic cotton fitted sheets are recommended for baby’s mattresses. The Naturepedic No-compromise Organic Cotton Baby Crib and toddler mattress are waterproof and dust mite proof. The food-grade polyethylene waterproof cover has a simple molecular structure that makes it unnecessary to use toxic chemicals in its production.

Naturepedic offers great edge support. The no-compromise naturepaedic offers enough edge support for the toddler from falling down. It has coil lined edges which makes them hard and firm. Edge support can also help to reduce the suffocation risk for babies. When babies first start to roll over, they may roll over to the edge of the crib. If there is no edge support, the baby could become trapped between the mattress and the crib if there is also a gap.

Since there are no chemicals in the mattress so there is no odor or smell in it, this mattress is odor-free, making it a much healthier sleeping environment.

It takes more than ten hours to breathe and smell in toxins on the mattresses for babies is a long time. There is no safe level when it comes to babies sleep environment and gives a baby a healthy start with it.

As the mattress is made with cotton and no polyurethane foam is used, so there is no fire retardant. The temperature of this mattress is better for the baby. The amount of the heat that a mattress holds is very important. This mattress has the potential to retain heat without making the baby or toddler sweat.

Naturepedic does have a small amount of bounce to the infant side and more bounce to the toddler side. It has enough bounce which provides support to the baby.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy cleaning
  • Without chemicals


  • Expensive

2. Emily 

Emily The Emily Crib cover and layers are made of organic cotton and wool, which are the two most important materials in it. There are cotton insulator pads that are punched with needles to create the necessary ventilation that a mattress needs. The cover is made of 100% natural Eco-wool quilt. It has a heavy duty 150 coils innerspring. This mattress is designed to be two-sided which provides longer life.

It has the firmness due to the 150 tight coils that give the mattress bounce. This is important for babes to change their sides and turn over.

This mattress is really durable foam due to its innerspring ability.

The edge support is excellent. The parents should not worry about the baby rolling over to the edge and falling in between the mattress and the crib.

The chemicals used in the different mattress are the main cause of Off-Gassing which can be dangerous. It provides an organic and natural solution which is refreshing and nice to feel.

Since it is totally wool based so there is a slight smell of farm like or barn likes the smell. If the mattress is air out before the use than the wool absorbs and releases quickly, leaving no smell for use.

The covering is made of wool which is a natural flame barrier. The temperature of this mattress is excellent which sleeps cools in summer and warm in winter.

it has an innerspring core, which makes it easy for babies to roll over. It is the baby friendly mattress for motion isolation.


  • Double sided mattress
  • Cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Non-Toxic


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Saggy without good support

3. Newton Wovenaire

Newton Wovenaire The Wovenaire is compiled of three layers. The 3-D space cover encloses the wovenaire layer in breathable fabric. These first layers have been quilted together in a pattern to create comfortable pillows.

The second layer is a block of woven plastic which is safe and food graded polymer. It is made from a breathable Wovenaire material and 10% food grade polymer. This second layer is made in a pool of water when the highest quality of food grade polymer is extruded into it. The third layer is the cover again made of breathable fabric.

It has just the touch of bounce which makes very firm for the babies. This is a mattress where it has tight seams and this makes it a product of durable quality. The Wovenaire has very good edge support. Infants are known to move a lot in their sleep so for their safety it is advisable to put safety rail for them. There is no Off-Gassing due to its whole organic material used.

This mattress has some level of heat regulation features which makes the temperature of the mattress controllable. One of the main things about the mattress is that it has maximum breathability. The cover is also filled with breathable holes to reduce the suffocation and overheating risks.

This Mattress has some bounce in it, but this does not disrupt the baby’s sleep.


  • Breathable and washable cover
  • Nontoxic chemicals
  • Easy manageable


  • A bit expensive

4. Lullaby Earth

Lullaby EarthLullaby Earth is composed of very few things. It is composed of 100% food grade polyethylene core and surface and 100% PETE cushioning. This food-grade polyethylene core is recyclable and healthy.  It is very easy to clean. It is stain resistant. It is a big barrier to dust mite and allergen. This mattress is made of two recyclable material.

One of the important features of this mattress is its superior structural support. The firmness of the Lullaby Earth is according to Pediatrician level. It is firm enough to reduce the risk of SIDS. It helps to prevent suffocation and put the baby in a nice and firm surface.

Since it is 100%food graded polythene core material so it is waterproof. This makes this mattress durable. It has exceptional edge support. It has enough edge support as compared to the crib which has coiled edges.

There is no Off-Gassing in it. As the materials are food graded and it is edible there is no chance of chemicals, so the smelling in this mattress is out of the question.

The temperature and heat retention of this mattress is average. It isn’t too hot. But it isn’t best of all mattresses. It means that it is going to do a better job of keeping them warm during those cooler months.

Usually, if there is a bounce it shows that the baby may sink in a little. On the toddler side, if there is a bounce to a mattress than there might be sleeping issues. In this Mattress, it really performs well while not bouncing.


  • Affordable mattress
  • Waterproof
  • Pure
  • Anti-flame retardants


  • A bit hard for infants/toddlers

5. Sealy Sealy Soybean Foam-core

Sealy Sealy Soybean Foam-core Sealy Soy Foam is constructed with multilayers for maximum comfort. Layers 1 and 2 which comprises outer layers. They are made easy clean embossed waterproof cover and edges.

They are also locked with waterproof stitched binding. Layer 3 is the comfort warp which is on the top and on the bottom of the soybean core. Layer4 is the thick soybean core which is the special quality of this mattress as the name indicates. Layer 5 is the airflow pocket that allows the mattress to breathe.

The firmness of this foam is at a high level. The high-density core has an added cotton cushioning that balances the sleeping environment for the baby. Without a proper firm foam, many dangerous can sneak peak to the babies.

As it is made with renewable soybean foam, so the durable quality of this mattress is near to maximum but not excellent. It is GREEN GUARD certified for its all flammability, lead and phthalate testing. The fact that it is waterproof also makes this mattress an average durable product.

It has average edge support. This makes an extra conscious effort for putting safety rails around the crib. Sealy Soy is composed of soybean and there are no chemicals involved in it and production, so there is no Off-Gassing.

The temperature quality is great and the baby will not overheat while sleeping. Overheating is the main reason for SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

If a baby can feel movement on the crib, they will most likely wake up. The motion isolation of this mattress is safe and firm for babies.


  • No smelly
  • Waterproof
  • Fitted crib cover
  • Easy cleaning


  • Too stiff for toddlers
  • Noisy

6. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

Moonlight slumber Little dreamerThe Little Dreamer is composed of multiple layers for proper support for baby. The first layer is a non-toxic medical grade nylon fabric cover. It is waterproof.

Second Layer is Natural Internal fire barrier which is halogen free. The material is made from is used in the healthcare industry. There are no chemicals in this layer.

Layer three is composed of extra firm high-density foam which allows the infants to support up. The baby side is recommended to nine months than it is flipped to the toddler size which gives maximum support to the toddler to roll over and push up its hand.

Layer four is composed of the firm high density of toddler side. It is plusher than the infant side.

Moonlight Slumber little dreamer is dual sided but it provides extra firmness to the infant side which enables them to develop their skill such as standing and crawling.

Although the toddler side is a little softer than the infant side, it is still going to give them the proper support that is needed for their growth.

It is made of a waterproof material which makes a good quality of durability. This mattress is durable as such as it is simple and no fancy designs make it appealing and durable.

The Edge Support of this mattress is acceptable. It is Eco-friendly and plants based so there is no OFF Gassing. It is made from all natural and non-toxic materials, so it has no smell.

The heat regulation and temperature control of this mattress are not up to the mark as compared to other mattresses. This Mattress does not have much bounce which is a nice feature. If there isn’t a bounce then it would be hard rock.


  • It is a hypoallergenic foam
  • It is waterproof
  • It is lightweight


  • Too firm

7. Colgate Eco Classica III 

Colgate Eco Classica IIIColgate Eco Classical III is composed of four different layers with two of them repeating so total six layers. All these layers are tightly packed for the safety of the baby. The first layer is composed of certified organic cover.

Second Layer is composed of natural cotton material. The third layer is based on firmer plant oil-based eco foam for the infant side. The fourth layer is based on less firm Eco foam for the toddler side. This is many comforters for the baby. The fifth Layer is again natural flammable material. The sixth layer is again certified cotton cover

Colgate Eco Classical III mattress is firm enough for the comfortable sleep. This is beneficial for babies without the risk of SIDS. Since it is dual sided, so both sides are comfortable and toddlers can easily change their positions.

It is durable as it is the multi-layers mattress. The durability quality can make this mattress a perfect one. The side which is for babies has excellent edge support as it fixes perfectly in the cribs. As compared to the toddler side, the mattress would be challenging for the parents.

The Off-Gassing quality is perfect. The smell of this bedding system cannot be found as it is based on eco-friendly materials.

Colgate Eco Classical III  has the best temperature set up for babies and Toddlers. Children will sweat if they are too hot his mattress has the ability to cool down it has breathable holes for maintaining temperature for babies.

The mattress bouncy quality will stop the babies and toddlers in a comfortable sleep. This will lead to the sleepless night for the babies and parents.


  • Non-smelly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Dual-sided


  • A bit of difficulty in cleaning
  • Round edges instead of square

8. Sealy Soybean Serenity Foam-Core Infant/Toddler

Sealy Soybean Serenity Foam-Core Infant ToddlerSealy Soybean Serenity is designed from three distinct layers.  The base layer is extra firm soybean memory foam. It provides a solid base to the baby sleeping position offering support to their spine, neck, and shoulders.

The second layer is made from dense cotton which gives a nice cushion to the upper layer of the mattress. This layer is soft but will not sink under a baby’s weight when they would roll in the weight.

The final layer makes up the casing for the mattress. It uses organic cotton that is treated  Krypton clean Sleep Technology. This treatment makes it waterproof and stain-resistant. This outer layer has an Oeko-tex certificate which makes fabrics are clean from chemicals.

Although firm mattresses are without any doubt safer when it comes to worrying about SIDS, a baby still needs a surface comfortable enough to sleep on. This mattress by way of using a high-density core made softer and more comfortable with the use of cotton cushioning, provides a bad experience that can easily be suitable for toddlers while being ideally made for infants.

It has an excellent durability. The reason is that this product utilizes a highly renewable resource means that less crude oil is being used. In the end, the product turns out to be of higher quality.

It is too firm and the materials used to make it are of such high quality that the edges on the mattress aren’t likely to swag. There is no chance of OFF-Gassing in this mattress.

Sealy Soybean Serenity may be one of the least toxic mattresses. It doesn’t contain any of the chemicals that are generally blamed for giving mattresses nasty smells. It is too firm to allow excessive bounciness. So the motion isolation of this mattress is excellent.

The temperature regulation Sealy Soybean Serenity is average. The main quality of this product is that it isn’t likely to catch fire if exposed to a flame source


  • Odorless
  • Waterproof
  • Perfectly fitted Crib Sheet
  • Good fit in the Crib
  • Easy Cleaning


9. Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Best Baby Mattress

Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco FriendlierThe construction of Eco Classica III is based on six layers with two of them repeating. The first layer is composed of certified organic cotton cover. The second layer is composed of a natural cotton flammability barrier.

The third layer is composed of the firmer plant of oil-based eco foam on infant side while the fourth side is less firm for greater comfort for toddler side. The fifth and sixth layer is repeated.

The dual-sided mattress supply enough firmness to the toddler and infant for their comfort. This mattress is durable with multi-layers quality to make babies in a comfortable condition.

Since this mattress is certiPUR -US certified so very little chance of off-gassing. It is eco-friendlier with plant oils based materials, so no off-gassing. There is smelling of the newness of the product which will be away after few exposures to sunlight

All special measurements have been taken to regulate the temperature. Babies feel comfortable to sleep with flammable materials used in this mattress. They don’t feel overheated.

It is less bouncy and controllable so babies and toddlers are comfortable to sleep on it. The edge support of this mattress is relaxing for infant side as it is fewer firms while for the toddler side it is also comfortable is safety rail is added.


  • No odor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy cleaning
  • Light-weight
  • Dual-sides


  • Difficult  in removing a tough stain
  • Round edges

10. My First Memory

My First Memory foam mattressMy First Memory Crib has two layers. The high-density memory foam is made from certiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam and is supportive enough for infants while remaining comfortable. The cover is great. It is made from a soft plush material. It is a waterproof material which is an additional quality.

One of the specific features of this mattress is the firmness and supportiveness while being memory foam. This foam doesn’t make a child sink in.  Since it is high-density foam, there is a minimal sinkage of the baby on it.

This is high-density foam which makes it suitable for durability. Its waterproofness is also its quality of durability. Since this mattress is certiPUR-US certified, so there is no particular idea of OFF-Gassing.

This mattress has no odor which makes it quite favorite for buying. Even though there is no temperature regulating features, but this mattress has excellent quality not to overheat enabling the babies not to sweat.

The motion isolation of a mattress can play a huge part in how a baby sleeps. If a mattress is super bouncy, it may wake up as they are rolling around on their sleep. This mattress has little bounce.

It has exceptional edge support for babies. There is nothing which will affect the way the child would sleep. Good Edge support is ideal for when a toddler is transitioning to a toddler bed. They are very likely to get close to the edge of the bed. If there is no edge support; they’ll end up falling off the bed easier because the edge will give away to the pressure.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • The cover is soft and comfortable
  • It’s washable
  • Breathability is great


  • Too firm for baby

11. Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252

Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic 252 Naturepedic No-Compromise Organic is constructed with heavy-duty 252 coils innerspring plus strong 9 gauge edge support. Than the innerspring is filled with 100% organic cotton which are grown in the U.S.A. The cover is made of easy to clean 100%polythylene waterproof surfaces.

It is a firm mattress which provides a natural, healthy and comfortable sleep environment for the child. This is a luxurious organic cotton fabric which is waterproof.

Since it is hypoallergenic and it is made free of chemicals, so there is no sign of OFF gassing. There is no indication of smelling in the product.

The temperature of this mattress is controllable as it is not affected by humidity. The motion isolation of this product is adjustable with a firm mattress. It has the traditionally rolled edges which have been a staple of the crib mattress.


  • Stain resistant
  • Super strong, tear resistant
  • The barrier of the mattress is not to be penetrated by the bugs or mites.
  • It is non-toxic
  • Environmental friendly
  • It’s hypoallergenic


  • Slight breathable
  • Plastic cover produces sound during sleep
  • Costly
  • Puffin middle portion

12. Davinci Crescent Mini

Davinci Crescent MiniDavinci Crescent is constructed with two layers, The outer and the base part. In the outer part, this mattress has a triple laminated cover with 9-gauge border wire as well as 13.5 gauge coils for stability. Its cover is made of polyester with PVC. In the base part, it is composed of 50 coils for support.

This mattress is universal fit which has steel spring for its firmness and smoothness for perfect baby’s sleep. It is an outstanding mattress which is average durable and is crafted with spring steel. It is waterproof with 50 durable coils in it.

There is no trace of smell as it is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. It is odorless as it is free of adhesive and toxic materials, making an ideal product.

Since it hypoallergenic, so they don’t cause any harm to babies in temperature regulation. Babies enjoy their peaceful sleep.

Davinci Crescent Mini fits greatly into the crib without getting shaky. It provides the babies an ideal sleep. Since it fits accordingly to the crib, so the edge support of this mattress is strong and comfortable.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Hypo-allergenic


  • Noisy
  • Less comfortable
  • Thin foam
  • Less durable

13. Delta’s Serta Perfect Morning Best Waterproof

Delta’s Serta Perfect MorningDelta’s Serta is composed of multilayer first layer is composed of beautiful woven Jacquard cover that is water and stain resistant. The second layer is composed of fire resistant foam for toddler side which is softer than the third side on the toddler side offers Cool Twist gel memory foam for toddlers which balances their sleeping temperature. Then, there is Eco-Friendly high-density soy foam. Next layer offers ideal firmness foam for newborns.

The firmness of this mattress is equally balanced both for the toddler and infant sides. It offers good quality of durability for its comfort level. There is no Off-Gassing Of this mattress. No prominent Smell can be found of this mattress

Since there is a layer of Cool Layer of Gel memory foam, so the temperature is controllable. It offers maximum stability to the motion bounce.

Delta’s Serta supports the edges in a stable manner which is great for infants and toddlers.


  • Durable
  • Softness
  • Waterproof


  • Elastic not properly fit

14. Milliard, Dual Comfort System

Milliard Dual Comfort SystemMillard Crib is composed of the outer layer and inner layer. The outer layer is composed of 100%cotton that is waterproof and washable. The inner layer is composed of two sides. One side is for the newborn and the other side is specially designed for the toddlers and infants.

Both layers are composed of certiPUR-US certified foam which is without any moving parts or metal springs. The 100%cotton cover is hypoallergenic, soft to touch, features an anti-slip layer to keep it in place and it’s precisely fitted to reduce wrinkles and bunching.

Millard Crib is double sided with a firmer, more supportive layers that are easier to navigate with little arms and safer for little faces. The firmness of this mattress is excellent dually for the babies and toddlers side.

It is not only comfortable but it is a safe, durable and plush platform that is recommendable among the top mattresses brand.

There is no off-gassing. Little odor due to manufacturing from the factory may come but this smell is harmless for babies. This mattress is without any chemicals so it is hypoallergenic. There is faint smell due to factory manufacturing but otherwise, it’s odorless.

The temperature control of this mattress is adjustable. The baby is so comfortable to sleep for long hours because this mattress controls the body temperature of the toddler and babies.

The motion isolation of Millard Crib is excellent as it is very supportive for newborns.  Once a newborn can lift their head and easily roll over, their introduction to the toddler side is body-contouring comforts memory foam can offer.


  • Excellent for newborn babies and infant
  • certiPUR-US certified foam


  • It has a slight odor which likely to go away by leaving the product in the open air.

15. Stearns & Foster Baby Dynasty Sunrise 2 Stage Infant

Stearns & Foster Baby Dynasty Sunrise 2 Stage Infant toddlerStearns and Foster Baby Dynasty is a hybrid of coil and soybean foam that creates the ultimate luxurious sleeping surface with a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers. It is a multilayer mattress with the first layer is composed of the breatheluxe cover which offers exclusive Safety Quilt Cushioned technology.

The second layer is composed of the ultra firm and lightweight Airflow Core which is made of food grade-polyethylene with air chambers for greater air circulation which is perfect for newborns. On the toddler side, an additional layer of organic cotton is added for softness which has supportive hypoallergenic layers.

Another layer of Memory foam is used which is certified for air quality. A layer of soybean foam is used which is made without phthalates, lead, mercury, or flame retardants. 204 interwoven posture supportive steel coils are highly resilient, providing support as baby grows.

Supportive coils in this mattress have a strengthful pillar which provides ultimate firmness for the baby. On the side of an infant, this mattress is firm enough to have a comfortable sleep.204 coils used in this mattress are durability tested which provides support as baby grows. The durability level of this mattress is great.

There is no Off-Gassing in this product. Since the upper layer is breathable and made of food graded material so the temperature of this mattress is controllable.

As it is hybrid of soybean and coils, so maximum motion isolation of this mattress is adjustable for the babies and toddlers and provides enough support to the edges.


  • Breathable
  • No Harmful chemicals
  • Allergen friendly
  • Waterproof
  • Organic


  • Springy
  • Unattractive Packaging

16. Sealy Signature Brilliant Nights 2 stage

Sealy Signature Brilliant Nights 2 stageThis mattress is composed of three layers. The core, cushioning and cover part. .In the core part, 182 steel coils are attached for firm support. This part has secured edge border wire with Ever edge corner and side protection.

On the cushioning part there is firmer infant side with ultra firm hypoallergenic layers and softer toddler side with plush layers, nontoxic, hypoallergenic and durability tested. The cover part is pearl embossed which is easy to clean, waterproof and stain resistant. This is also designed with an airflow pocket plus and waterproof bindings.

The firmness of it is good and it is good for babies. The durability of it is great as it has been tested for the babies’ comfortable level

There is no off Gassing involved in it. Due to waterproof stitched binding, it helps prevent allergen, mold, and odor. It doesn’t contain any toxic or fire retardants, so its temperature regulations are controllable.

The motion isolation of this mattress is good. The edge support of this mattress is adjustable.


  • Waterproof
  • Balance control


  • A bit firm at the beginning

Some Tips To Note While Buying Your Perfect Mattress

Selection on the basis of firmness –
An extremely firm mattress does not provide a correct surface for the baby. A firm foundation is essential for baby’s safety. According to hazard the Consumer Product Safety Commission, soft sleeping surfaces create suffocation for infants and increase the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Giving time for correct choice – As the baby has I spend his/her 70% percent of the time on its crib so it is better that parents should spend enough time in searching for correct mattresses. According to the budget, parents should spend time on the correct choice for their baby protection and safety.

Buying the correct size – In order to buy a correct crib mattress, the size of the mattress really matters for the baby crib. The baby will be in a comfort zone if the size is accurate. It will make the life of the mattress long-lasting if it is the correct size.

Buying the crib first before mattress – This is the recommendation given to every parent. Sometimes it happens that different mattress companies have different sizes even in inches. So, if the crib is already bought than the idea of the correct size of mattress would be perfect.

Buying a mattress with sufficient venting – A mattress has sufficient venting if it is breathable for babies. Babies can have a breathing problem if the mattress is not properly ventilated.

Sometimes when parents buy mattresses, they prefer long-lasting or life guaranteed mattress. Well, instead of a guarantee, parents should go for proper certification of the mattresses. It will be good for their babies in every phase of life. If someone would say it is life-saving if it is properly certified.

Avoiding used mattress – It is better to avoid the used mattress for baby’s health. The used mattress has a high ratio of mites/bugs or bacteria. If the budget is out then one can buy a less costly mattress but it is advisable to purchase rather than used mattresses.

Purchase of water-resistant mattress/cover – Water resistant is must for the crib mattresses. It is important for many reasons like for diaper leakage protection, to protect overheating of baby, cleanliness, avoiding the smell, and hygiene.

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Features You Must Have To Note While Buying


ConstructionA good Organic Mattress has four to six layers with two of them repeating. Dual-sided foam has less and hard firm eco foam with the layers of organic eco-based material. The flammable material based layer is also constructed in dual side mattresses.   Innerspring Mattresses have coils with heavyweight woolen cotton cover.

A good mattress should have good outer most layers like waterproof vinyl covers either single or multilayer which is ventilated to prevent a leakage when accidents occur.

Other covers are made from cloth fabrics which are not waterproof but covers with nylon layers which offer more fluid resistance. A high-quality mattress should be phthalate-free. The inner layers should be made of natural or breathable materials for a healthier baby.


FirmnessThe mattress should be firm to prevent suffocation. When you push down on a mattress, your handspring right up. Dennis Schuet, director of marketing

For the Colgate Juvenile Products Company, says “the biggest mistake parents make is picking a mattress that’s comfortable for them. Then it’s better to pick a crib mattress that’s harder than you would like it to take.”

Some mattresses sold today offer different firmness levels on each side of the mattress, typically a firmer side for infants and a softer side for toddlers.


Planning to use the purchased PRODUCT for a few years for babies and toddler than it is called durability of that product. There are a number of factors of which makes a crib mattress durable and these are as follow.

The strong stitches of the mattresses are one of the main factors of durability. The stronger the stitches are done, sturdy would be the mattress another factor for the durability is the waterproofness of the material of the mattress.

 Motion isolationMotion isolation

It is better to check in the motion transferor isolation in the mattress. This motion isolation is related to the simulation of someone sitting into and out of bed while tossing or turning. Any movement on the crib and the baby will most likely wake up.

So it is better to do a bounce test on the mattress before purchasing it. A supportive mattress helps babies and infants remain on their backs while the mattress that lacks sufficient support may lead to the child rolling onto their stomach.


Most mattresses emit smells known as off-gassing when they are removed from their original packaging. The odors can be unpleasant, but they usually dissipate within a day or two especially in well-ventilated rooms. However, they are designed to emit a minimal odor.

Edge support

 Edge supportA perfect mattress supports along the edge. A mattress whose edge is not supported well can cause the edges to sink when a young child rolls over which elevates the risk of physical injury as well as suffocation.

For a perfect Edge support, one has to check by putting any pressure on the edge and if bounces back than it is perfect. But if it sinks then it can be an issue. Safety Rails should be installed for perfect edge support.


The mattress should not have any smell. Even though it’s really not a harmful thing, it does tend to give a bad impression and makes anyone feel uncomfortable with it. Since your baby is going to be spending so much of their life on their mattress so it is better to consider the fact the smelly factor.


A toddler’s sleep is really important. If a baby is not sleeping, maybe the reason would be sweating. It is very easy for a baby to overheat in the area where it is sleeping. Overheating is a leading cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), so it’s important for parents to look out for a mattress that helps control body temperature.

Temperature regulation is often tied to check how breathable the matters materials are particularly in the cover. Cloth covers, for example, retain more heat than vinyl covers cloth tends to be more breathable. Many vinyl covers are perforated to make them more breathable.

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Types Of Crib Mattress

Following are at the types of crib mattress which according to their selling are categorized as below

  • Memory foam
  • Innerspring
  • Organic mattress
  • Latex mattress

Memory Foam mattress consists mainly of polyurethane and some proportion of chemicals.  They are usually denser than other foam mattresses, making it heavier and firmer for the user. They are also sold for higher prices than traditional mattresses.

InnerspringInnerspring mattress uses a steel coil support system. Different spring mattresses have different shapes and designs and number of coils. It is composed of three layers with a comfort layer, support layer, and the fabric layer.

Most organic mattresses are composed of natural components like wool and cotton. They are highly durable mattresses as they are based on natural materials. It is important to note those organic mattresses are never 100% organic rather certification is given to materials that are at least 70% organic such as organic cotton, latex or wool and contain polyurethane foam.

Latex  Mattress is made of all-natural Latex derived from the Rubber tree. This mattress has a firm surface with eco-friendly covering.

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Why are Memory Foam Crib mattresses best?

Foam-based mattresses tend to be the least expensive models available. As compared to innerspring, foam mattresses usually offer less edge support. This mattress with foam layers produces little to no noise when bearing weight. Mattress foam is linked to above average off-gassing but most crib mattress is made of foam, produce minimal odor.

Why are Latex Crib mattresses best?

Latex Mattress has a firm surface which gives orthopedic support in accordance with pediatrician and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) firmness recommendations.

The covering of latex mattress is chemical free. They are hypoallergenic. Its fire protection system features organic wool as a natural fire protection.

Why are Innerspring Crib mattresses best?

Most innerspring mattresses are firm enough for newborns and infants. These mattresses with springs offer targeted support based on how the child’s body weight is distributed. As a result, they tend to offer more support than foam based mattresses.

They tend to be on the heavier side but they also had above average living space. They are expensive as compares to foam crib mattress. Most innerspring produce little to no off-gassing through models with foam layers may emit some odor.

Why are Organic Crib mattresses best?

Organic Mattress may be designed with a single – dual firmness surface.

The support of an organic mattress will vary from the model but like with foam density as well as mattresses thickness. Organic mattresses tend to be the most expensive models available as standard foam or innerspring model. Organic mattress produces minimal noise and offers below average edge support.


After a long discussion, it can be concluded that parents should check in few details while buying a new mattress. We have to search that best mattress which is environmentally friendly, which is the highly comfortable for the baby and how good is the quality of the mattress. The quality defines the best comfort and Naturepedic products are excellent baby products.

Naturepedic No-Compromise Crib Mattress.  Many certifications of the different organization are attached to prove its best quality. It is durable which is designed for a long-lasting product. Another important feature is that it has a waterproof surface that dust mites cannot penetrate.

Another quality product which is suggested is Emily Crib Mattress. Baby should be out of danger of any chemical components in pillow or mattresses. This mattress is friendly and healthy products as natural materials like organic cotton and wool are layered over an innerspring. It is a double sided mattress with good composition and firmness.

Next, the Newton Wovenaire Crib mattress is also a high-class mattress which provides a peaceful sleep due to its comforts and firmness.

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